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Congratulations New Board Members!

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April 18, 2017

We're excited to welcome Alyssa Chen, Ebony Nyoni, and to rewelcome Orly Yadin to the VCAM Board of Directors!

We're looking forward to working with you!

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's election.

Read more about Alyssa, Ebony, and Orly below.

Alyssa Chen

I am an educator, community organizer, and media producer. I was first introduced to VCAM in the winter of 2015. Through my work as a community organizer I had​ learned about the challenges students of color were facing in predominantly white schools in Vermont. I took several workshops and spent ​many​ hours at VCAM producing my first mini-documentary to raise the voices and share the story of these young people.

Professionally, my background is in teaching. During the majority of my post-college years, I was a public school teacher in the San Francisco Bay area, eventually leading a small alternative school. Throughout my career in education, I have been primarily concerned with access and critical consciousness.  Public access ​media ​excites me because it lands at the intersection of access and critical consciousness and has the potential to give folks on the margins a platform to tell their stories​ and be heard.

While VCAM has tremendous resources, as a very beginner user, it was a challenging and often intimidating system to navigate.  In response to my user experience, I worked with RETN to design and teach a New Video Makers Workshop Series. The month-long course brings brand new filmmakers through the camera, production, and edit process to create a finished film product. I would love to see courses at VCAM that build on this model, such as month-long intermediate and advanced filmmaker series that spend the time to go in depth on topics such as premiere and advanced cinematography. 

I am interested in being a board member at VCAM to ​help spur ​accessible education programs that strengthen VCAM's ability to attract more and diverse users and offer them a wide range of accessible, high quality training and opportunities to share their voices. As an active public access user, I would be delighted to bring my community connections and education expertise to help VCAM buzz with excitement.

Ebony Nyoni

I am an active community member with a background in education, human services, and civil rights activist. I welcome the opportunity to join the Board for the purpose of representing my community in this area.

As the founder of Black Lives Matter VT, I have a growing membership of over 700 members. I would like them to know that they have a voice in the public access television world. This is a year that requires us all as Vermonters to come together and grow through education, awareness, action, and unity. 

I am confident you'll find me a good fit for your needs as a Board Member for VCAM.

Orly Yadin

I have proudly served on the VCAM board for four years and I am the current treasurer. I confess that it's not always easy to find time to do volunteer work but prioritizing my commitments to causes and organizations who serve the community and help ensure that everyone’s voice is heard has pushed me to want to serve another term. What VCAM offers has become more important than ever and together with its excellent and dedicated staff I hope to help steer VCAM through whatever stormy waters and even the calm days that may lie ahead for public access channels. My full-time work as Executive Director of VTIFF (Vermont International Film Foundation) also helps engage me more with producers at VCAM and the Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase, part of VTIFF, is a great way to see our missions align and mesh.

Find out more about our Board of Directors here.