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October Workshops & Events

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October 3, 2017

  • Basic Camera

    MON 10/16 @ 12 PM

    Never used a camcorder (that wasn't also your phone) before? We designed this workshop for you! Learn the essentials, from setting exposure to setting audio levels for external microphones, from the different types of external microphones to the functions and use of a tripod, to the best way to set focus, learn about recording formats, shot composition, and the color of sunlight, in this 60–90 minute workshop with our HD Panasonic AC90 camcorder!

    Instructor: Ken French

    Register here.

  • Mediamakers' Show+Tell

    WED 10/18 @ 6:30 PM


    Workshop a work-in-progress, share a finished project, watch movies, hear podcasts, provide feedback, meet people, snack, hang out!

    Bringing a piece of media is not required.

    If you'd like to showcase or workshop a piece, please fill out this form by October 16 in addition to registering below.

    Please leave a comment when registering if you have suggestions for snacks. :)

    Register here.

  • Studio Production

    SAT 10/28 @ 1 PM

    If you're planning to (or are curious to) make a show using the VCAM studio, this workshop will teach you and/or your technical director (i.e. a friend you bring to run the booth while you perform for the camera) what our studio and control room are capable of and how to use them.

    Learn how to set up and switch shots, create and manipulate graphics, key-in backgrounds, roll-in media from the Internet or other external sources, operate the studio cameras, use the intercom system to talk to your camera operators, and more.

    Instructor: Eric Herz-O'Brien

    Register here.

  • Orientation

    SAT 10/7 or 10/21 @ 11 AM (choose one)

    This is step one! This class will certify you to borrow most VCAM gear, use the studio, start a show, and to take all our other workshops!

    Orientation takes about half an hour to an hour, we'll tell you about our policies and some of the things you can do at VCAM, we'll take a tour of the Media Factory, and fill out some paperwork. —That's it! Then you're certified!

    Please bring a photo ID and make sure you live or work in our service area.

    Instructor: Eric Herz-O'Brien

    Walk-ins welcome.

  • Edit Suite Certification

    SAT 10/14 or 10/28 @ 11 AM (choose one)

    Certification to use VCAM edit suites, with Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut, color critical monitors, and more.

    We'll cover the essentials of media management, media backups, and using the VCAM SAN, fundamental Premiere tools and navigation, plus potential next steps to learn the ins-and-outs of editing.

    Instructor: Eric Herz-O'Brien

    Register here.

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