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The filming of your local government meeting is FREE to you and your town.

Cable companies such as Comcast and Burlington Telecom use public land for their cables; in exchange, they provide localities Public, Educational, and Government Access TV. VCAM 15 is a Public Access TV station, VCAM 17 is Government Access.

Our Government Access station promotes government transparency and community participation in local governance by recording, archiving, and broadcasting (on television and online) municipal meetings from Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, and Vergennes.

See VCAM's full statement of purpose here.

Comments, questions, requests, and other feedback, please send to Community Programming Manager Eric Herz-O'Brien at eric[at]

Thanking the field producers, letting them know their work is appreciated, means a lot.

Making sure to speak into a microphone will help the people at home who aren't able to attend the meeting. The closer the mic is to your mouth, the clearer you'll sound. Make sure the mic is pointed at your mouth and not at the ceiling. If you're on a board, please ask members of the audience to wait to speak until they have a mic. Try not to play drums with the table too much. Papers brushing the mic will be unpleasant on your constituents' ears. If you're in the audience or presenting, please hold the mic close to your mouth or at your chest, and try not to wave the mic in the air, if possible. :)

If you have a presentation, send it to us! If you email JPEGs to Eric (eric[at] at least 24 hours in advance, we'll be able to display them in the video recording, and people at home will get to see your images/diagrams/maps/slides in detail. Otherwise, we have to aim a camera at the projection or poster, which provides the public a less clear image.

And give us feedback! We serve our viewers, and want to ensure we're providing the best service we can. Please get in touch! See above.