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Tom Godtooth, Indigenous Resistance

Tom Goldtooth is the executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network. He speaks about that and Idle No More and indigenous resistance at Saint Michael's College.Watch now »

ACLU: Zach Guiles

Seventh-grader Zach Guiles of Williamstown, VT, was suspended in 2003 from his local middle school for wearing a T-shirt that called President George W. Bush a “Chicken-Hawk-in-Chief” who was engaged in a “World Domination Tour”. The school principal said the shirt wasn’t allowed because it had...Watch now »

VCAM Presents
ACLU of Vermont - Marilyn Hackett
ACLU Marilyn Hacket VCAM Presents
Live on January 4, 2014: Racism & Classism- Police Brutality and the Ruling Order

Grassroots road map for positive change.Watch now »

Critical Mass TV
Opening presentation by Dan Barrett, ACLU of Vermont

"Vermont's Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws: Why Do They Get Failing Grades?" Opening presentation by Dan Barrett, ACLU of Vermont staff attorney Vermont's current disclosure requirements, other states' laws, how Vermont's requirements differ from "norms," and what that means in terms of...Watch now »

Live on December 21, 2014: The Backspin Doctors

Black Rose Burlington Dissects the Week's Headlines.Watch now »

Critical Mass TV
ACLU: Transparency & Accountability in Government

This panel discussion is from the ACLU of Vermont's day-long conference on public records, open meetings and campaign finance disclosure, held on November 18, 2010. "Government is a Public Enterprise" Morning session panel discussion, featuring: Paul Gillies, attorney and former Vermont Deputy...Watch now »

Live on December 7, 2014: Bomb Trains

Conversation with members of People for Positive Action (from Plattsburgh, NY) regarding the dangerous rail cars filled with Bakken crude.Watch now »

Critical Mass TV
Israel's War on East Jerusalem

This edition of Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine Israel, the 250th since the show began in 2003, examines during the first half the growing violence, repression and bloodshed in East Jerusalem. It features graphic reports of life in the occupied city from AJ+ Labs; two Palestinian youth who...Watch now »

Salaam/Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel
Live November 23, 2014: Ben Eastwood

Grassroots road map for positive change.Watch now »

Critical Mass TV
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