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Embodied Voice

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March 26, 2018

Vermont Community Access Media is proud to air a limited-time run of Embodied Voice, a collection of agitprop videos, on Channel 15.

Created by John R. Killacky, Executive Director of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, the two compilations feature AIDS-related works from the 90s and Disability-related works from the 2000s.

Here are some local reviews of John's films:

"Art is a versatile thing. It can be shrewdly functional. It can embody complex truths. It can document, protest, memorialize and revise accepted histories. The work in Embodied Voice: Video Narratives accomplishes all of these."
—DJ Hellerman, VT Digger

"Killacky shows himself to be an adaptable survivor, a person who has turned to the camera and to his own words again and again for release, comfort, and strength."
—Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Seven Days

Beginning on March 26, the programs will air at the following times:

Mondays | 3:00 AM
Thursdays | 11:30 PM
Saturdays | 5:00 AM
Sundays | 1:00 AM

Each compilation will air for two weeks. The AIDS trilogy will play from March 26 to April 8, and the Disability trilogy will play from April 9 to April 22.

The two compilations contain nudity so viewer discretion is advised.