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Bringing Meditation Into the Classroom with William Meyer

Bill Meyer, lifelong meditator and teacher of history, economics, and humanities is the author of the book, Three Breaths and Begin, A Guide to Meditation in the Classroom. Bill speaks of how he has brought meditation into his teaching curriculum and the impact it has had not only on...Watch now »

Thrive with Morella Monday, June 10, 2019
Bringing Saffron to Vermont

Arash Ghalehgolabbehbahani, UVM post-doctoral research associate, shares his experience with growing saffron in Vermont. Arash covers saffron's lifecycle, regions that grow saffron, the world's most expensive spice, its health promoting aspects, and marketing potential.

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Being the Change Monday, June 24, 2019
Building Community

Interviewed Burlington native Shawn McSweeney and discussed spiritual practices including mindfulness, shamanism, Kirtan chanting, and yoga practices. Also talked about childbirth support and being a doula. Shawn is also a painter and musician. A short discussion of Northern Spain lifestyle and ...Watch now »

Being the Change Monday, October 19, 2015
Camp Hochelaga

Kay talked with Deb Jorschick, director of the YWCA of VT, and Donna Diaz, new director of Camp Hochelaga.  Camp Hochelaga is on Lake Champlain and offers outdoor adventures, sports, drama, and a place where young women can pursue their own interests and experience ways to lead others.

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Conversations with Kay Monday, May 30, 2016
Cannabis Cable Network—Episode 12

Governmental illness, European hemp.

Produced with equipment and facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM).Watch now »

Cannabis Cable Network Monday, June 29, 2015
Catamount Trail Association

A discussion with Catamount Trail Association Executive Director Amy Kelsey and Communication & Event Director Greg Maino about their organization and the upcoming event to benefit the group. That event is the Northeast Delta Race to the Top of Vermont, which will be held on Sunday, August...Watch now »

Street Signs Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Partners in Adventure Turns 20 [578]
Celebrating 20 Years with Partners in Adventure

For 20 years, Partners in Adventure has been offering summer camps and accessible recreational activities to youth with and without disabilities (read more about them here). We met up with Sue Minter (not the former gubernatorial candidate) and her two sons Sammy and Adam, who have disabilities...Watch now »

Stuck in Vermont Monday, June 10, 2019
Chakra Healing

Memes for healing the 7 Chakras, with Shiva Music.

Produced with facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM).Watch now »

Moment of Zen Monday, July 16, 2018
Changing the Culture that Fosters Cancer with Brooke Moen

Brooke Moen, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, joins us to talk about her own experience with cancer, what she's learned and her perspective on how our culture fosters cancer. 

What can we do individually and collectively to improve our odds of not getting cancer?

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Thrive with Morella Monday, August 20, 2018
Child Care and Rent Aren't My Only Bills
Child Care and Rent Aren't My Only Bills

Katie, a parent from Orleans, talks about the financial struggles of child care and other bills.

Produced with facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM).Watch now »

Small Talk Monday, April 11, 2016
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