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Hinesburg Government Meetings

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December 7, 2015 [HS]

The board discusses with members of the public the topic of fluoride in the municipal water system. The agenda is changed to postpone "Consider Accepting the Irrevocable Offer of Dedication and Easement Deed for Alan Norris / Meadow Mist" and added instead is a consideration of amendments to the...Watch now »

Hinesburg Selectboard
December 9, 2015 [HPC]

The board has a brief review of the draft letters to the Public Service Board regarding solar array proposals. The bulk of the meeting is dedicated to reviewing the first draft for Solar Array Screening Standards.

Field Producer: Shaunese Crawford

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Hinesburg Planning Commission
December 16, 2015 [HPC]

This meeting is dedicated to reviewing the second draft of the Solar Array & Commercial/Industrial Screening Standards. In other business Alex gives a brief update on the VT Gas Pipeline.

Field Producer: Shaunese Crawford

Produced by VCAM. ...Watch now »

Hinesburg Planning Commission
January 5, 2016 [HDRB]

The majority of this meeting is dedicated to continuing the R.B. & R.H. Goodrich Sketch Plan Review for a property located at Observatory Road and North Road. Steve Pcolar comes to present to the board and public comment follows. The Robinson Septic easement raises a question from a member...Watch now »

Hinesburg Development Review Board
January 11, 2016 [HS]

This meeting focuses on the FY17 budget review and the 2016 Town Meeting Warning. The Agency Request Review Committee presents to the board at the beginning of the discussion, and the meeting ends with a discussion of the VT Gas Pipeline project communications.

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Hinesburg Selectboard
January 13, 2016 [HPC]

The commission holds a public hearing on proposed zoning changes to the Solar Array and Commercial/Industrial Screening Standards. In project updates, they have a lengthy conversation about the Village Zoning Revisions status and next steps.

Field Producer: Shaunese...Watch now »

Hinesburg Planning Commission
January 18, 2016 [HS]

Number 4 on the agenda was supposed to be delayed but the board discusses it anyway. The FY17 Budget is approved. Policy for adopting Capitol Improvement Plan is discussed after the vote on the budget.

Field Producer: Wendy Erikson

Produced by VCAM....Watch now »

Hinesburg Selectboard
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