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VCAM Logo Files

It is important to us that the VCAM brand looks sharp and remains intact when used by our producers and partners. Please use the appropriate VCAM logo (available below) for online purposes. For higher resolution, print-ready logo files or if you are you unsure of what to use our logo contact our Development & Outreach Manager, Llu Mulvaney-Stanak for our brand guidelines. 

VCAM credit language/file download

If you're a VCAM producer or you used VCAM facilities or services to produce content, you are required to include VCAM credit language at the end of your productions. You may include this language as part of an end credit sequence or scroll, or as a stand alone tag immediately following your content. You can download a high definition video file of the required credit here (1920x1080, 30p, h.264, 4.7MB). Alternately, you may type the language into your credits yourself. The required language is:

“This (film/content/program) was produced (in part) with facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM) in Burlington, Vermont.” 





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