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Meet the VCAM Staff

  • Wendy Erikson, Production Technician

    Wendy has worked in television for over three decades, starting with shooting news in Boston.  After moving to Vermont to raise her three kids she started her own freelance business and works on a variety of projects. From outdoor shows and series on local PBS, documentaries, commercials, to mitigation videos for court. Although shooting and editing are her passion, her other roles include producing, directing, audio, and lighting. She loves the diversity of the job and meeting new and interesting people. 
VCAM staffer since 2015.

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  • Emilio Fornatora, Production Technician

    Emilio graduated from Champlain College in 2016 with a degree in filmmaking, and started working during his sophomore year of college. Since his graduation he has been working part-time gigs and freelancing in Connecticut. You will often catch him talking about video games, because he really REALLY loves them. In fact, he produces a show at VCAM about video games called The Home Button. Emilio is from all over the place and will most likely tell you he’s from a different state every time you see him. Twitter: @EmilioFornatora  Instagram: VCAM staffer off-and-on since 2014.

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  • Jude Domski, Production Technician

    Jude is a multi-media artist living in South Burlington. As a theatre director, she created several documentary productions and collaborated extensively with playwrights on script development. As a photographer, she covered the gamut from Brooklyn softball fields to red carpets for Getty. Since returning to Vermont, she has been focusing on merging her background in performing arts and photography in video. VCAM staffer since 2017.

  • Richard Gibbs, Production Technician

    Richard grew up in the Caribbean, engaging in a very active lifestyle while having an interest in studying computer repair and maintenance. His parents encouraged him to travel to see family and he ended up here in VT. VCAM staffer since 2018.

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  • Jeffrey Lloyd, Production Technician

    Jeffrey is a TV and film addict from Massachusetts who likes to make documentaries, woodburnings, and chili. He now lives in Vermont with his awesome girlfriend, Kaila, and their amazing furball, Mookie. Media Factory staffer since 2019.

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  • Athena Kafantaris, Media Factory Outreach & WBTV-LP Coordinator

    Athena is a multidisciplinary artist currently focused on performance, video, puppetry, and costuming. She loves the way machines communicate and has a soft spot for analog gear, glitches, and interference. Her love of cables and connections began when she learned how to connect an Atari 2600. Her brother was the only one who knew how to hook it up and would disconnect it when he left the house so no one else could play. She's been crawling behind TVs and plugging things in ever since. VCAM staffer since 2018.

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  • Patrick Heltz, Media Factory Distribution Coordinator

    Patrick was born and raised in Vermont. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in history, he worked at various museums for a few years educating the community, all the while doing freelance video work. He began specializing in audio and has been involved in various projects throughout the years. In 2017, he began working at RETN. He then left to work in broadcast and came back again about a year later to the Media Factory. Patrick spends his free time working on his radio show broadcast from 99.3 WBTV-LP, eating mac and cheese and talking about how he should read and bike more. Media Factory staffer off-and-on since 2017.

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  • Ken French, Municipal Services Manager

    Ken has been working with sound and video all his life. He was initially drawn to audio production, working in Boston for twenty years as a composer, engineer and sound mixer. Since moving to Vermont twenty years ago he has broadened his skill set to include video shooting, editing, producing and directing. He loves working on projects that reveal the passions and talents of our local artists and musicians. VCAM staffer since 2017.

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  • Matt Goudey, Media Systems Manager

    Matt started his film and television career in Los Angeles in 1997 and quickly learned that he had just as much passion for behind-the-scenes work as he did for acting. During his time at VCAM, Matt has been a production technician, the technology coordinator, and now the digital media manager, and continues to research, learn, build, and teach how to use the systems and equipment that we offer our community in order to create appealing and compelling video projects. Matt is extremely grateful for the opportunities and the support he is given by his management and co-workers, and is also grateful to be able to live within a few miles from VCAM with his wife, Elaine, and daughter, Greer.
 VCAM staffer since 2007.

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  • Joey Palumbo, Media Factory Production Manager

    Joey graduated from Champlain College with a degree in Filmmaking, and has been putting it to use as a director, writer, and producer of independent narrative films. An avid lover of movies, video games, and anything science fiction, Joey believes in telling stories that are worthwhile and fun. A born-and-bred Vermonter, Joey looks forward to working within a community of like-minded creators. Twitter: @donkeyclaws, Instagram: @bananafangs93.
 VCAM staffer since 2016.

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  • Seth Mobley, Executive Director

    For over a decade, Seth has worked at VCAM helping citizens use digital media to provide insight into vibrant and diverse communities throughout Chittenden County. Seth also currently serves as Treasurer of the Vermont Access Network, and as President for the South End Arts and Business Association.
Twitter: @SethMobley
 VCAM staffer since 2006, VCAM Board Member 2006–2008.

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  • Marcy Webster, Production Assistant

    Marcy holds a degree in Film Production from Keene, has worked in a professional camera and videography studio, and has done freelance videography work. Marcy has spent several years living abroad in France, The Netherlands and New Zealand, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Southern Africa. She enjoys hiking and snowboarding with friends.