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Lighting & Grip

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Not every video project can be shot with "available light," as they say. VCAM offers a variety of lighting fixtures and associated gear for members, including both studio lighting and field/location lighting.

Note: a lighting certification workshop is required prior to signing out any VCAM lighting gear.


VCAM's studio includes a lighting grid featuring Videssence DMX-controlled dimmable 3200k fluorescent fixtures. There are also several Source-4 ellipsoidal reflector spotlights that can be used in the studio.

In addition to the standard grid plot, VCAM maintains a number of fresnel fixtures of various wattages that can be used in a studio setting or adapted for location work.


VCAM offers a number of field lighting options for our members, including:

  • Lowell Elemental light kits (3 fixtures, 3 stands, and associated gear are included in each kit; the image above/right is of one of these kits)
  • Lowell Rifa soft lights (we have three: a smaller 44, medium-sized 66, and a large 88)
  • Litepanels LED dimmable 3200k fixtures (two of them)
  • on-camera LED lights
  • Strand 1k fresnels (studio lights that can be adapted for location work; the light kits, Rifas, and Litepanels are easier, lighter, and used much more often; but fresnels are available if that's what you're into!)


In addition to the actual lighting fixtures, VCAM has a smattering of grip/electric tools and gizmos including:

  • light stands
  • c-stands
  • flags, silks, nets, cookies, and frames
  • apple boxes
  • sand bags
  • dimmers
  • spud adapters
  • reflectors
  • stingers
  • clamps

Call VCAM for specifics regarding lighting and grip inventory.