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At VCAM, we like to say "the secret to good video is good audio." We emphasize clear, isolated audio recording in our work with the public and organizations. To help you get the best audio you can for your project, VCAM offers a variety of microphones, recorders, and other facilities that will help you achieve your goals. As with other VCAM gear, the list of items is constantly evolving. Ask VCAM staff for any specifics or updates.

Microphone types

  • Directional "shotgun" or "boom" mics
  • Wired and wireless lavaliere (clip-on) mics
  • Omni-directional Handheld and stage mics
  • ​Cardioid and super cardioid condenser broadcast mics
  • ​PZM "boundary" mics

Additional sound gear

  • Floor stands (with booms)
  • Table stands
  • Telescoping carbon fiber boom poles
  • Headphones
  • Multi-channel audio mixers (field & studio)
  • Digital field audio recorders
  • Foam windscreens and "dead cat" fuzzies
  • Shock mounts, mic clips, & assorted accouterments


VCAM also maintains a sound-proof voiceover booth with ventilation and a built-in patch panel.