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April 21, 2015

Finding music for your film or video can be a tricky thing. Assuming you don’t want to invoke teams of copyright lawyers, there are some decent resources available for indy media makers. Here’s a short list of ideas to consider.

1. Make it yourself! This is always the best option. If you’re not a musician and you don’t know any musicians, you can always mess around in Garage Band (available at VCAM) and throw something together.

January 31, 2015

Vermont Community Access Media is a nonprofit community media and technology center located in the south end of Burlington, Vermont. VCAM’s mission is to promote free speech, civic engagement, government transparency and public dialogue by enabling easy access to the expanding world of media. VCAM does this by providing the public training in and access to the tools and techniques of digital video, and by producing and distributing locally relevant noncommercial content via digital media outlets.

STRUT Fashion Show STRUT Fashion Show 2019

The 15th annual STRUT Fashion Show. Clothing designers showcase their creativity through art of the wearable kind. Set to curated music, the runway welcomes unique designs that can't be found . . .