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Our Mission

Vermont Community Access Media is a nonprofit community media and technology center located in the South End of Burlington, Vermont.

VCAM’s mission is to promote free speech, civic engagement, government transparency, and public dialog by enabling easy access to the expanding world of media.

VCAM does this by helping to inspire storytelling through media making. We provide training in and access to the tools and techniques of digital video, and produce and distribute locally relevant noncommercial content via digital media outlets. VCAM manages four cable access TV channels and a low-power FM community radio station, 99.3 WBTV-LP.

VCAM Statement of Purpose*

The specific purposes of this corporation are

  1. to foster free speech and public dialog by making easy, low-cost access to the electronic media available to all citizens of the VCAM service area for nonprofit and noncommercial purposes;
  2. to support the production and distribution of noncommercial community-based media programs by providing individuals, organizations, and institutions on a non-discriminatory basis the necessary resources to produce programming for the noncommercial access channel(s), including production of studio and video equipment, training, and channel time;
  3. to encourage the broadest possible community involvement in the electronic media, especially by encouraging use of access channels among a wide range of individuals, organizations, and institutions within the service area of the corporation;
  4. to facilitate the use of the public access channels as a public forum which promotes a free exchange of ideas and information;
  5. to ensure that no censorship over program content of the public access channels exists, except as necessary to comply with applicable laws, legal obligations, and the principles of nonprofit and noncommercial programming;
  6. to ensure that no individual is discriminated against with regard to services, access to information or any activity of Vermont Community Access Media because of race, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, physical disability, political affiliation, or economic status;
  7. to solicit additional funds and resources for and serve as a vehicle for the funding of access activities in the area served by the corporation.

*From VCAM's Articles of Incorporation, available by request.