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Stuck in Vermont

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Stuck in Vermont Green Mountain Athletic Association 10K in Scenic Charlotte

The 46th annual Green Mountain Athletic Association Art Tudhope 10K brought almost 100 runners to Shelburne Beach last Saturday morning. The GMAA community is diverse, with . . .

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Title Episode Number Original Airdate
The Bristol Band [SIV497]
The Bristol Band [SIV497]

7/5/17: Since about 1870, the Bristol Town Band has been bringing free music to local audiences every week. Although its name has changed over the years, their commitment to entertaining the community has remained the same.

For the past few decades, the Weston family has been a big part...Watch now »

182 Thursday, July 13, 2017
Quimby Country [SIV495]
Quimby Country

Quimby Country in Averill celebrates its 122nd season this summer in the Northeast Kingdom. Founded by Charles Quimby in 1894, the rustic resort is the oldest sportsman camp in the state. Charles' daughter, Hortense, transformed the scenic spot into a family resort in the 1930s. Once a fishing...Watch now »

181 Monday, July 3, 2017
Butterworks Farm [SIV493]
Butterworks Farm [SIV493]

5/30/17: Butterworks Farm is a beloved Vermont institution, a small-farm success story in the Northeast Kingdom. Many recognize the Jersey cow on the label for Butterworks' yogurt, kefir and cream but do you know the family behind the brand?

In the 1970s, Jack and Anne Lazor carved out a...Watch now »

180 Monday, June 19, 2017
Burlington Discover Jazz Festival [SIV492]
Burlington Discover Jazz Festival [SIV492]

6/3/17: For ten days, Burlington Discover Jazz Festival brings the downtown to life with daily live music at dozens of venues and 100 free shows. On Sunday there was a rooftop show by Barika featuring Kat Wright at the top of Lakeview parking garage. A few hundred people attended to soak up the...Watch now »

179 Monday, June 12, 2017
Champlain Voices Record Project [SIV490]
Champlain Voices Record Project [SIV490]

The fourth and fifth graders at Champlain Elementary School in Burlington have been busy the past five months making a limited-edition record. This project all began with a field trip down the street to the Burlington Record Plant where students watched albums being pressed by Justin Crowther....Watch now »

177 Monday, May 29, 2017
The T with Emoji & Nikki [SIV491]
The T with Emoji & Nikki [SIV491]

5/21/17: The T with Emoji & Nikki is a new cable access show that airs weekly on Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM) in Burlington. Drag queens Emoji Nightmare and Nikki Champagne welcome eclectic guests to discuss arts and activism.

Eva went behind the scenes to talk the T with the...Watch now »

178 Sunday, May 21, 2017
Singing Stuck in VT at WW [SIV489]
Singing Stuck in VT at WW

Last weekend music, art & hordes of people transformed downtown Winooski for the annual Waking Windows festival. Eva spent Saturday afternoon at The Memorial Club asking people to sing the chorus of the Stuck in Vermont song in a pop up recording booth courtesy of Tank Recording Studio. An...Watch now »

176 Thursday, May 11, 2017
The Many Faces of Mr. Guyette [SIV488]
The Many Faces of Mr. Guyette

For 37 years, Charles Guyette taught art and French to Vermont elementary students, high schoolers and some adults too. Known as a colorful and unique mustached character who yodeled on occasion, Mr. Guyette kept his students laughing while also sharing his love of art and life with them. Always...Watch now »

175 Friday, April 28, 2017
Spring Amphibian Migration [SIV487]
Spring Amphibian Migration

4/19/17: Every spring, amphibians emerge from their winter woodland homes and make their way down to the marshes and ponds to breed. March through April you can see these frogs and salamanders crossing Vermont roadways en masse, risking their lives to spawn.

Eva met up with a group of...Watch now »

174 Thursday, April 27, 2017
Walk the Long Trail at Berlin Mall [SIV486]
Walk the Long Trail at Berlin Mall

4/3/17: Almost 600 people have spent the last four months walking the Long the Berlin Mall. Participants have logged almost 12,000 miles in the heated indoor space, doing loops around shoppers and raising over $4,300 for the Green Mountain Club, the official stewards of the Long Trail...Watch now »

172 Monday, April 24, 2017
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