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April 3, 2019 [SDRB]

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APPLICATION A17-12: Hearing on remand per Judgement Order issued by Superior Court Environmental Division. Judgement Order addresses Nathanael Burris’s appeal of Assistant Zoning Enforcement Officer’s Denial of Application for a Zoning Permit. Property at 499 Beaver Creek Road is in the Residential District and Stormwater Overlay District.

APPLICATION DR19-02: Application by Adam and Maggie Hannah for Design Review for a four-foot-tall picket fence. Property at 1023 Falls Road is located in the Shelburne Falls Mixed Use District, Village Design Review Overlay District, Stormwater Overlay District, and Floodplain and Watercourse Overlay District.

APPLICATION V19-01: Variance Application by Joyce George for the relocation of a portion of a legally nonconforming accessory structure within the 100-foot setback of the 102-foot elevation contour, and attach said portion with the legally nonconforming primary structure on the lot. Property at 771 Bay Road is located in the Residential District, Floodplain and Watercourse Overlay District, and Lakeshore Overlay District.

APPLICATION CU15-06R1/SP14-04R1: Application by Vermont Day School for Conditional Use and Site Plan Review to expand an existing Conditional Use and to reconfigure the parking area. Property at 6701 Shelburne Road is located in the Commerce and Industry South District, and Floodplain and Watercourse Overlay District.

APPLICATION CU19-05/SP19-04: Application by Suzan White for Conditional Use and Site Plan Review to convert existing use to uses associated with medical uses. Property at 5779 Dorset Street is in the Rural District.

Field Producer: Emilio Fornatora


Produced by VCAM.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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