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Arise: ICE Protest, Williston , VT

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A documentary capturing the intense protest in Williston, Vermont on October 20, 2019 that held four primary demands for Vermont’s congressional delegation as well as the local and state-wide elected representatives. The demands were as followed:

1. Close the concentration camps! Free all the refugees and migrants, provide funds for their resettlement, reunite their families, and defend the right of all to seek asylum in the US as stipulated in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

2. Defund and Abolish ICE! Stop their racist profiling, checkpoints, raids, detentions, and deportations;

3. Support the Campaigns of Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante! Support its campaign to get Hannaford to join the Milk with Dignity Program. Support its No Más Polimigra Campaign to end collaboration between Vermont’s law enforcement agencies and ICE and CBP;

4. Support Just Jobs! Convert jobs at ICE facilities into socially useful ones in education, healthcare, and government services. From now on, sponsor only programs that create just and green jobs in Vermont.

A film by James Hill

Produced with facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM).

Episode Number: 
Original Airdate: 
Monday, November 4, 2019