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August 1, 2017 [HDRB]

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Field Producer: Emilio Fornatora

Town of Hinesburg

Development Review Board

August 1, 2017

Approved August 15, 2017
Members Present: Greg Waples, Dick Jordan, Dennis Place, Andy Greenberg (Alternate), Rolf Kielman

Members Absent: John Lyman, Jonathan Slason (Alternate), Sarah Murphy, Ted Bloomhardt Representing Applications: George Bedard, Thomas Miner, Deb Campbell, Cherrie Willette
Public Present: None.
Also Present: Alex Weinhagen (Director of Planning & Zoning), Dawn Morgan (Recording Secretary) Dennis P. chaired the meeting, which was called to order at 7:31 pm.

Agenda Changes: Alex W. added an extension request for Will and Colleen Mackinnon, and a request from the Planning Commission for feedback about Home Occupation regulations.

Public Comments for Non‐Agenda Items: None.

Review minutes of the July 11 and July 18, 2017 meetings: Greg W. made a motion to approve the 07/11/17 meeting minutes as amended and the 07/18/17 meeting minutes as drafted. Dennis P. seconded the motion. The Board voted 5‐0.

Thomas & Nancy Miner: Re‐Subdivision (boundary line adjustment) for a 4.52‐acre parcel at 892 Burritt Road. The applicants are proposing to add 0.31 acres from the adjoining 27.41‐acre property at 641 Garen Road owned by Matthew & Kimberly Donaldson. Both properties are in the Agricultural Zoning District.

Alex W. explained that the application is for a boundary line adjustment with no proposed development. However, he said that because the Applicant’s property is part of a previously recorded subdivision, the proposed lot line change is defined as a re‐subdivision under the regulations. He said that any proposed re‐subdivision requires resubmission to the DRB for a re‐warned hearing.

The Applicant explained that they are proposing a .31‐acre exchange of land. He said that .31 acres was previously deeded by Thomas Miner’s mother to the Donaldsons. Although that adjustment did not need approval from the Board, this part of the adjustment does because it is defined as a re‐subdivision. He said that nothing in the original approval has changed.

Greg W. asked if the reasoning for the swap was to create an increased buffer around the house. The Applicant and Alex W. said that the septic system is currently on an easement on the Donaldson’s property, so the adjustment would simplify things.

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Approved DRB Meeting Minutes – 08/01/2017 Page 1

There were no public comments.
Dennis P. made a motion to approve the draft as written. Rolf K. seconded the motion. The Board

voted 5‐0. Other Business

Cherrie Willette & Deborah Campbell: Discussion re: reviving an application for a 2‐lot subdivision (per § 2.10.3 #2) at 106 Mead Farm Road. Sketch Plan Approval was granted on 11/17/15 and expired on 5/17/16 but the applicants were not advised that sketch plan approvals expire.

Alex W. explained that an oversight on the part of staff and the Applicants resulted in the application expiring. He said that procedures have since been implemented to ensure such oversights do not happen again.

Greg W. said that he had no issue with reviving the application. However, he said that since this project has a deadline of March 2018 he was concerned about the limited time remaining. There was discussion about the timeline and the impact it could have on staff work load. Alex W. said that it should not be an issue.

Dennis P. made a motion to resurrect the sketch plan approval and grant a 60‐day extension. Greg W. seconded the motion. The Board voted 5‐0.

Vermont Well & Pump: Site Plan Approval extension request for a business located at 14337 VT Rte 116 in the Industrial 1 Zoning District. Decision dated 8/16/16.

Greg W. recused himself from the discussion.

Alex W. explained that the Applicants moved into the property and began operations prior to getting their permit. They were notified of being out of compliance, came before the Board and received a site plan approval in August of last year. He said that staff have been working with the Applicant to bring them into compliance, but the Applicant is soon planning to submit a new site plan. He said that the Board could either extend or deny the current application and then hear the new application once submitted.

There was discussion about the merits of extending or denying the application and the best way to ensure the Applicant comes into compliance in a timely manner.

Dennis P. made a motion to deny the extension request. Dick J. seconded the motion. The Board voted 4‐0.

Greg W. returned to the Board.

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Approved DRB Meeting Minutes – 08/01/2017 Page 2

Will and Colleen Mackinnon: Extension request – Sketch Plan Approval for a two‐lot subdivision of an 11‐acre property located at 99 Black Dog Lane.

Alex W. said that the approval is due to expire on August 16th and is requesting an extension. He said the Applicant has a contract offer from Civil Engineering Associates.

Dennis P. made a motion to approve a 60‐day extension for the sketch plan approval. Rolf K. seconded the motion. The Board voted 5‐0.

Planning Commission housekeeping changes – request for feedback from the DRB

Alex W. explained that the Planning Commission has been working to clarify certain areas of the zoning regulations and would like feedback from the Board on Home Occupation regulations. He explained that the impact of increased traffic flow from Home Occupations is currently addressed by placing a cap on the number of allowable round trips (in addition to typical residential traffic flow).

There was discussion about whether the Board would prefer to have hard limits on number of trips or more flexible guidelines with which to apply their discretion. The Board’s overall feeling was that they would prefer to have general numerical caps with guidelines of things to consider (e.g., character of the neighborhood) that would allow for some flexibility if appropriate. The Board agreed that they would like to review the drafted language before it is finalized.

The meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Morgan, Recording Secretary

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Approved DRB Meeting Minutes – 08/01/2017 Page 3 

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

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