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August 15, 2017 [HDRB]

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Field Producer: Jude Domski

Produced by VCAM.


Town of Hinesburg

Development Review Board

August 15, 2017

Approved September 5, 2017

Members Present: John Lyman, Dick Jordan, Dennis Place, Ted Bloomhardt, Greg Waples arrived at 7:32 pm

Members Absent: Andy Greenberg (Alternate), Jonathan Slason (Alternate), Sarah Murphy, Rolf Kielman Representing Applications: Garin Frost, Andrew Stolberg
Public Present: None.
Also Present: Mitchel Cypes (Development Review Coordinator), Dawn Morgan (Recording Secretary) Dennis P. chaired the meeting, which was called to order at 7:30 pm.

Agenda Changes: None.
Public Comments for Non‐Agenda Items: None.

Review minutes of the 08/01/17 meeting: Dennis P. made a motion to approve the 08/01/17 meeting minutes as drafted. Dick J. seconded the motion. The Board voted 4‐0.

Frost Beer Works: Conditional Use and Site Plan Review for expansion of the brewery located at 171 Commerce Street in the Commercial Zoning District. The Applicant is proposing to construct a 960‐sq. ft. addition and increase use to the entire expanded 7,104 sq. ft. building.

Mitchel C. showed a drawing on screen that illustrated the brewery’s current layout as well as the proposed addition. The Applicant explained that there was previously a printing company sharing space in the building, but they moved out in 2016 and the brewery now occupies the entire building.

He said that the brewery will be installing a canning line, but they need to purchase a significant number of cans in order to take advantage of volume discounts. The Applicant went on to say that the proposed addition will provide enough space to store the cans.

Dick J. asked if they plan to use the front area of the building for a tasting room. The Applicant responded that they currently have a small tasting room that is open for limited hours and is primarily used to sell bottles and growlers. However, he said that the front area may become a tap room at some point in the future.

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Approved DRB Meeting Minutes – 08/15/2017 Page 1

Dennis P. asked about the landscaping plan, and the Applicant said that the plan is estimated to cost $2,600, but the requirement is only for $1,800 (3% of the total project budget). The Applicant said that they have no issue spending more than the minimum requirement as they would like the grounds to look tasteful. However, he said that they are not settled on the plan as submitted and they have concerns about the potential of mice nesting in shrubbery near the building. He said the landscaping plan was submitted before finalizing as a means to move forward with the permitting process, but hoped the Board would not require the landscaping to be installed exactly as shown on the plan.

Greg W. asked how soon a landscaping plan would be finalized, and the Applicant said that he would begin working with the landscape designer as soon as he received approval from the Board. Dick J. noted that the goal of landscaping is often to help screen parking and questioned the benefit of planting shrubbery in the back of the building. There was general discussion about the current location of trees on the property.

Greg W. asked if the brewery plans to increase their brewing capacity, and if so what the impact on their water usage would be. The Applicant responded that expansion plans would still leave them within their current water allocation.

There was general discussion about future landscaping possibilities and the timing of receiving a final landscaping plan. Dick J. suggested tweaking the language of Order #6 to be clear that any additional lighted signage would need separate approval.

There were no public comments. There was discussion about revised language to the draft.
Ted B. moved to approve the draft as amended. Greg W. seconded the motion. The Board voted 5‐0.

Sophia Morton & Jesse Paul: Sketch Plan and Planned Unit Development (PUD) Review. The applicants are proposing to subdivide their approximately 11.0‐acre property located at 343 Partridge Hill in the Rural Residential 1 Zoning District. Lot 1 would be approximately 5 acres and include the existing residence. Lot 2 would be approximately 6 acres and include a proposed house site and green space. Hearing continued from 5/16/17 but the applicants have since withdrawn their application.

Mitchel C. said that the applicants are currently limited by regulations on the manner in which they can subdivide. He said they are withdrawing their application until the regulations are modified. Mitchel C. went on to say that the regulation in question is currently under revision review by the Planning Commission, and he anticipates the Applicants returning in 1‐2 years.

Stephanie Spencer: Subdivision Revision to change the driveway access for a new 3.05‐acre lot located on the east side of Turkey Lane in the Agricultural Zoning District. Creation of this lot received final plat approval on 7/11/17.

Mitchel C. explained in written comments submitted to the Board with their meeting materials that the revision proposal is to utilize the current Haber/Edelman driveway (neighbors) for access to the new lot. The amount of proposed impervious surface from the revision would be reduced by over 2,000 square

[page2image26160] [page2image26320] [page2image26480] [page2image26640] [page2image26800] [page2image26960] [page2image27120] [page2image27280]

Approved DRB Meeting Minutes – 08/15/2017 Page 2

feet. The Applicant is proposing a 50‐foot right‐of‐way, widening of the driveway and placing a pull‐off. They are also providing verbiage for a maintenance agreement.

The Applicant, represented by Andrew Stolberg (son‐in‐law to Kielman/Spencer) said that the Haber/Edelman property is being sold to his mother. Dick J. asked why the Board is considering the revision now, instead of after the property changes hands. The Applicant said that his mother is in approval of the plan, and Mitchel C. said that he had received written public comments in support of the revision from the Haber/Edelman, provided no construction begins before their property sells (scheduled to close on 9/8/17).

Greg W. suggested issuing conditions of approval that expire if the sale does not occur. Dick J. expressed concern over approving an application that was not deeded yet. Greg W. said that the conditions of approval could be written in such a way that if the sale did not occur the Applicants could revert to the conditions of the June 11, 2017 approval.

There was discussion about the timing of recording the mylar and the stormwater effects of the driveway revision. John L. asked if there was enough room for emergency vehicles to turn around and Greg W. suggested requiring and engineer’s assessment stating that the driveway has appropriate width and shoulders for emergency vehicle access.

There were no public comments.
Ted B. moved to approve the draft conditions as amended. Dick J. seconded the motion. The Board

voted 5‐0.

Other Business

Mitchel C. apprised the Board of possible agenda items for the September 5th meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:33 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Morgan, Recording Secretary


Approved DRB Meeting Minutes – 08/15/2017

Page 3 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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