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August 17, 2017 [HS]

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Field Producers: Wendy Erikson and Emilio Fornatora


Select Board

Town of Hinesburg
10632 Route 116 Hinesburg VT 05461 802.482.2281 |

Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2017

‐ Draft ‐

Attending the Meeting: Phil Pouech, Aaron Kimball, Tom Ayer, Andrea Morgante, Merrily Lovell, Renae Marshall and attached list.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Phil took a moment to acknowledge the hard work and late hours of the water department employees as well as some other Town employees working on the water leaks and problems with the water system.

There were no changes to the agenda.

Energy Committee Applicant Review

Bill Scott introduced himself to the Board. He said he has had an interest since the 1980’s in climate change and energy policy and though a new resident to Hinesburg feels he can make a contribution to the Energy Committee meeting their goals.

Andrea moved to Board approve appointing Bill Scott to the Energy Committee for a term to expire 1/1/2019. Second by Merrily and approved with 5 yes votes.

Energy Committee request to reduce membership

Andrea said Chuck Reiss, Energy Committee member, has discussed this with her. Andrea said at meeting they have mostly four to five members in attendance. Phil noted the purpose is to be sure they can achieve a quorum.

Andrea moved the Board change the membership number of the Energy Committee from seven to five. Second by Aaron and approved with 5 yes votes.

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Discussion of Public Health Risk on Gilman Road

Kent Fraser, Health Officer, reviewed with the Board where the situation currently stands. He said he visited with Ms. Lane in May and again this evening. She is non‐compliant with 6 of the 7 orders in the Health Order from April 2016. He suggests issuing a new Health Order, as Hinesburg has a new Health Officer, also suggested the Court order the building be demolished and the Town work on the violation of zoning code at the same time. Kent has been in touch with the Hoarding Task Force, also Town Health Officer from Burlington who has some experience with like problems, and the attorney for the VT Health Dept.

The water from the Charbonneau well has been tested, unsure of contamination at this time so will test again.

Tom asked if there is an agency that work toward re‐location of Ms. Lane. Renae said she will work with Kent and the attorney.

Andrea noted the need to move forward with the zoning violation. Renae said they will be consulting with the attorney on that so it can be re‐issued.

Aaron moved the Board authorize Kent to pursue a new Health Order and pursue any zoning violations. To hold a Board of Health meeting at the August 31, 2017 Select Board meeting and develop a plan from start to finish to get through this and address voluntary compliance. Second by Tom.

Diane Barber asked why the zoning order is not being put back into place immediately and enforced. Ms. Lane is out of compliance. Renae said the court will need to enforce that.

Can the surrounding landowners get any of the money they have spent trying to get rid of the rats refunded? Renae said her understanding is that would be separate and they would need to file a claim against Ms. Lane.

Diane also mentioned the port‐o‐let on property belonging to the golf course and to be aware and watch for any potential problems.

Motion voted and approved with 5 yes votes.

Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations (CUSI) Assessment

Frank Koss advised he feels there are no issues with the changes in language in the agreement. He said they do a good job in covering the needs of Hinesburg.

Tom moved the Board approve the Intergovernmental Agreement with Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations with Hinesburg and allow the Town Administrator to sign the agreement. Second by Aaron and approved with 5 yes votes.

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All‐Hazards Mitigation Plan

Renae said she has reached out to Al Barber and Mike Anthony and they have no issues with it.
Andrea said this a process handled through the Regional Planning Commission and is a requirement of the Regional Plan and is prepared with advice from the municipalities.

Andrea moved to have the have the Select Board Chair and the Vice‐Chair sign the All‐Hazards Mitigation Plan. Second by Tom and approved with 5 yes votes.

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC)

Andrea updated the Board on the meeting. She noted the main agenda item was new mandates regarding criteria component on energy siting.

Andrea noted Mike B will be serving on the UPWP Committee (unified planning work program).

802 Trucking – Overweight Permit Fine Discussion

Steve Heffernan, owner of the trucking company, sent correspondence to the Town Administrator questioning the policy on issuing fines and asking if the Board is aware of how costly the fines are.

Officer Casco reviewed the occurrence with the Board and explained the policy of needing the permit and under what circumstances a fine is imposed. Caleb explained the State sets the fines not the Town, the Town receives a very small amount of the fine.

Caleb went on to say that he only imposed one fine as this was one incident even though there were two trucks.

Further Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) Discussion

Mike B noted his understanding of the issuance of guidelines regarding solar siting will effect zoning of all building in the county. Andrea noted that Hinesburg can still use our own criteria in our plan but it needs to be consistent with all building not just applied to solar and wind.

Town Administrator

The August 31st meeting will include a Board of Health Meeting added to the agenda. There will also be an interview of an applicant for the Agency Review Committee. It will also be the first Public Hearing on the new Town Plan as well as continued discussion on road standards.

September 18 will have discussion regarding Town Manager and Town Administrator forms of government.

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Renae reported that some village business owners contacted her with concerns of business disruption resulting from the water leaks.

Select Board Items

Aaron and Merrily updated the Board on the TA search process and advised the need to set aside meeting time besides a scheduled Select Board meeting for the next step in interviewing and recommending a candidate.

Andrea said she was asked about the Town having an electrical charging station and feels this would be a good task for the Energy Committee to take on.

Andrea reminded all of upcoming Fall Festival on September 23rd.

Phil said he and Karla Munson are on the Green Mountain Transit Board and is not sure if they were re‐ appointed. Renae will check on this.


Andrea moved to approve the minutes of August 3, 2017 as corrected, second by Aaron and approved with 4 yes votes and Tom abstaining.


Aaron moved to approve the warrants, including payroll, as submitted by the Town Treasurer. Second by Tom and approved with 5 yes votes.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m. on a motion by Andrea, second by Aaron and unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Valerie Spadaccini, clerk of the Board

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Draft Meeting Minutes | Select Board – August 17, 2017 Page 4 of 4

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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