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August 19, 2020 [SDRB]

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  • Call to order
  • Public comment
    • Topics not otherwise included in agenda
  • Review of meeting minutes - August 5, 2020
  • Application SUB11-02R1 – Application by O’Leary-Burke Civil Associates on behalf of Shenk Enterprises, LLC for Sketch Plan approval for a 2-lot subdivision, one lot associated with existing commercial use and second for planned residential use. Property at 2659 Shelburne Road is located in the Mixed Use and Residential Districts and the Stormwater Overlay District.
  • Application SUB19-05 – Application by Lamoureux & Dickinson on behalf of Sterling Land Co., LLC for Preliminary Plan and Site Plan Review for an 18-lot residential subdivision. Property at 428 Webster Road is located in the Residential District and the Stormwater Overlay District.
  • Application SUB20-03 – Application by Anne and David Elston for a pre-application conference for a proposed 2-lot subdivision. Property at 161 Dorset Hill Lane is located in the Rural District and a portion in the Stormwater Overlay District.
  • Other business and adjournment

Field Producers: Emilio Fornatora

Produced by VCAM.

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Original Airdate: 
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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