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Blood & Oil: Israel’s ISIS Connection

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This edition of Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel features an interview with Vijay Prashad, distinguished author and professor of international studies at Trinity College. Dr. Prashad discusses with Paul Jay of the Real News Network a series of reports, old and new, that document how ISIS is expropriating, transporting, and selling oil from Iraq. Among other findings, Prashad explains the central role the governments of Turkey, Malta, and Israel are playing, and why, in this illicit market.  

This program also includes a hard-hitting documentary by journalist Abby Martin, host of the investigative news magazine The Empire Files, on how the corporate media and government in Israel and the U.S. ignore, distort, conceal, and sanitize Israel’s crimes of occupation and war. There are also segments on the ongoing crisis in the occupied territories that has claimed the lives of at least 119 Palestinians since Oct. 1, on why Gaza is still considered militarily occupied by the international community despite Israel’s claims to the contrary, and on a call by artists in support of the cultural boycott of Israel.

Produced with facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM).

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Monday, December 21, 2015

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