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February 4, 2020 [HDRB]

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Agenda Changes
Review minutes of the January 21, 2020 meeting
Jim Donovan & Patricia O’Donnell: Sketch Plan review for a 3-lot subdivision of a +30-acre property located at 613 Mechanicsville Road in the Residential 1 and Rural Residential 1 Zoning Districts. Lot 1 would be +4.25 acres and include an existing residential unit. Lot 2 would be
+2.25 acres and include the existing three residential units. Lot 3 would be +23.5 acres with no existing units.
Other Business
• Extension Request - Peter & Helen Rosenblum: 2-lot subdivision for property at 385
Partridge Hill. Sketch approval dated 9/17/19.
• Decision Deliberation - Jack Milbank & Robert Stahl: Subdivision Revision/Boundary Line
Adjustment for property at 163 Bishop Road. Hearing closed 1/21/20.

Field Producer: Ken French

Produced by VCAM.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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