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Genesis (11) c17 Abraham's Prior Covenant Experiences Lead Him To Obey The Portentous 'Everlasting' Covenant Of Circumcision

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Consider the great faith of Abraham who gets circumcised at 99 years old! And then consider that this circumcision is an "everlasting" (Gn17,7) covenant (a physical and later Spiritual heart circumcision covenant for Jews and a Spiritual heart circumcision for Christians). This circumcision covenant reveals and prophesies the unity of all God's people, all Abraham's faith progeny, all the future saved (who look upon and accept Jesus), both faithful Jews and Gentiles (including we pray Ishmael and His nations in that Ishmael was prophetically circumcized at the same time as Abraham. cf Isaiah19 millennial altar in Egypt).

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Monday, February 3, 2020

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