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Inventing History

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Documentary of a photography project by Joshua Reiman in the woods of Vermont. Produced by Kristin Smoragiewicz.

From Joshua Reiman's website:

For the past 20 years my work has grown from the simple creation of objects and paintings, to a prolonged investigation of bridging reality and the imagined through photography, film and sculpture. I am most interested in the human condition and how it is placed upon the environment, specifically via heroics and heroism. I view my work as both exploiting and distilling the essence of human greatness and fringe behavior. I am constantly thinking of providing access to meaning outside the framework of the everyday. This is where challenging cultural stereotypes and semantics falls into narrative stories of journeys through time and place. The "search" for the unknown is a constant investigation. Certain characters from history become stand-ins for the ideas of invented histories. Created events that have changed culture intrigue me as well as the way we collectively understand them. I am searching for the essence of what drives humans to great achievements, and tremendous failures. These are the moments that I build on and construct narratives from. My work involves transforming realities and non-realities into a visual hybridization or synthesis of what is real, fake and imagined.

Original Airdate: 
Thursday, July 3, 2008