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January 13, 2020 [CS]

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FY21 Budget
Adjustments to the agenda
George and Claire Aube—request for a Highway Access Permit (HAP-20-01) on Dorset Street for driveway to proposed single family dwelling on existing building lot
Emergency Vehicle Presentation
Budget for Thompson’s Point wastewater system
Contract with Civil Engineering Associates as System Engineer of the Thompson’s Point wastewater system
Contract with SJW Docks as System Operator of the Thompson’s Point wastewater system
Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Station at the Town Hall parking lot—town’s cost is $2,029
Replace lighting in Town Hall and in parking lot with LED
Continuation of FY21 Budget
Public Comment
Continuation of FY21 Budget
Warning for March Town Meeting, 2020
Draft Town Report
UPWP application for traffic calming study in east Charlotte village
Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant—certification of $2,000 match (maximum)
Request for Bids for Bridge Repairs
Highway Access Policy and Procedure—amend for new Town Road and Bridge Standards
Highway Access Ordinance—preliminary review
Animal Control Intake Contract w/ Humane Society of Chittenden County-for stray dogs
Thompson’s Point leases

  • Lot 153+ sm lot e/s North Shore Road at 241 North Shore Road—renew 20 year lease to David Winters McMath
  • Lots 12 & 13 at 2752 Thompson’s Point Road—renew 20 year lease to John Currier and William Currier
  • Unnumbered lot at 561 North Shore Road—renew 20 year lease to North Shore Tennis Association
  • Lots 194-197 at 1108 North Shore Road
    • Terminate lease to Carolyn S. Coleburn, Carolyn R. Coleburn & William C. ​Coleburn
    • Approve a new 20 year lease to William C. Coleburn

Minutes: November 4, December 16, 2019; January 6, 2020
Selectboard updates

  • Charlotte Solar

Approve warrants to pay bills
Personnel issue (executive session is likely)

Field Producers: Ken French & Jeffrey Lloyd

Produced by VCAM.

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Original Airdate: 
Monday, January 13, 2020

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