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July 24, 2017 [CS]

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Field Producer: Ken French

CHARLOTTE SELECTBOARD Agenda for Monday, July 24, 2017
At the Charlotte Town Hall

159 Ferry Road

Reasonable accommodation shall be provided upon request to ensure this meeting is accessible to all individuals regardless of disability.


4:00 PM 6:20 PM 6:40 PM

7:00 PM 7:01 PM

7:05 PM

7:10 PM 7:15 PM

7:20 PM 7:30 PM 7:45 PM

8:00 PM 8:30 PM

8:40 PM 8:50 PM

8:55 PM 9:00 PM 9:05 PM 9:10 PM

Work-session for Fraud Risk Assessment
Site visit: 4221 Greenbush Road (just north of Common Way)—for HAP-17-08

Site visit: 2848 Greenbush Road (property at the southwest corner of the intersection of Greenbush Road and Ferry Road)—for HAP-17-04 and HAP-17-05

Adjustments to the agenda Public Comment

Selectboard updates
Schedule meeting in 1st week of August to set tax rate

Minutes: July 10

Andrew Thurber and Kathryn Perkins—applications for two Highway Access Permits at 2848 Greenbush Road

HAP-17-04—move the northerly access approximately 10 feet to the south HAP-17-05—move the southerly access approximately 35 feet to the north

Casey Arnote—application for a Highway Access Permit (HAP-17-08) at 4221 Greenbush Road—revised location near southerly boundary line

Lake Champlain Open Water Swim, LLC—application to use the beach on August 19, 2017

Jim Donovan-interview for appointment as the town’s Representative to Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, for term ending June 30, 2019
Marty Illick—for appointment as the town’s Alternate Representative to Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, for term ending June 30, 2019

Lane’s Lane—installation of force main for connection to the Town wastewater system

License agreements for utilities installed under town highways
John and Lisa Hauenstein—Spear Street
State of Vermont (Mt. Philo State Park)—Mt. Philo Road & State Park Road

Internal Controls Manual—edit

Thompson’s Point lease for Lot 203, 153 Lane’s Lane: Terminate lease to Stanley P. and Gayle L. Lane Approve new 20 year lease to Benjamin and Anne Mason

Planning for All Committees Meeting on July 31st Executive session—personnel issue
Approve warrants to pay bills

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Members: Matthew Krasnow, Vice Chair; Lane Morrison, Chair; Carrie Spear; Fritz Tegatz; Frank Tenney

Town Administrator: Dean Bloch

Next meetings:
July 31 @ 6:30 PM—All Committees Meeting August __ @ 4 PM—Set Tax Rate
August 14 @ 7 PM—Regular Meeting August 28 @ 7 PM—Regular Meeting

Minute Taker: Kathy Furr 

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Monday, July 24, 2017

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