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July 27, 2017 [HS]

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Field Producer: Marcy Webster





4  July 27, 2017


6  Present: Phil Pouech, Chair; Aaron Kimball, Vice-Chair; Andrea Morgante; Merrily Lovell; Tom Ayer;

7  Renae Marshall, Interim Town Administrator; Erik Bailey, Utilities Director; and attached list.

8  Absent: Tom Ayer

9  Phil called the meeting to order at 7:03PM.


11  2. Additions/Deletions/Changes to the Agenda

12  There were none.


14  3. Consider Approving FY18 Water/Wastewater Budget

15  Erik Bailey, Utilities Director, was present to present the proposed FY18 Water/Wastewater budget. He

16  highlighted some of the changes and specific increases affecting this budget. Operating supplies have

17  increased due to the chemicals and filter cartridges associated with the new water treatment facility.

18  Repair & Maintenance Supplies and Repair & Maintenance Labor have also increased due to the

19  numerous water leaks that have occurred due to the aging system. The Utilities line has increased due to

20  increased electricity usage by new system.


22  Andrea suggested looking at what the cost benefit would be of generating our own electricity. Erik stated

23  that there would be room on the property for solar trackers in the future.


25  Andrea made a motion to approve the W/WW budget revenues and expenditures as presented. Merrily

26  seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0 (Tom Ayer absent).


28  4. Consider Approving FY18 Water/Wastewater Capacity

29  Erik noted, due to the numerous leaks that have plagued the Utilities Department over the past months,

30  we remain without additional capacity to offer. The Utilities Department has been reviewing the system

31  and walking the lines throughout the village looking for potential leaks. They are focusing their efforts on

32  areas where there are more rocky soils, like what is found in Thistle Hill. They have been receiving

33  assistance from a consultant from VT Rural Water that has technical equipment for listening for leaks. So

34  far, the significant leak has yet to be identified. Erik has applied for a grant through the State to have an

35  out of state team come to Hinesburg for three consecutive days to search for the leak with high tech

36  equipment. In addition to these leak detection efforts, Erik has been working with Scott Shumway from

37  ISI to find ways to make the system operate more efficiently in order to gain additional capacity. Updates

38  will be reported if anything changes.


40  Aaron stated that we must be proactive about preventing water leaks. We should be looking at the older

41  infrastructure and planning and budgeting accordingly.

43 No Action taken. 44

45  5. Consider Setting the FY18 Water/Wastewater Rates

46  Erik stated that a 4% increase is proposed for both fixed and usage water rates for FY18. We had a 0%

47  increase in FY17 and had to make adjustments for the actual cost of running the new water treatment

48  facility and therefore are providing a “rate step” ahead of the bond payments which will begin in the next

49  fiscal year. The fixed quarterly charges would increase by $3.22 per unit per quarter, and the usage fee by



50  $0.002 per cubic feet. Unmetered rates are adjusted to partially bring them more in line with the average

51  user’s usage.


53  Both the fixed and usage charges for wastewater are recommended to increase by 1%. The fixed

54  quarterly charge would increase by $0.98 per unit per quarter, and the usage fee by $0.0005 per cubic

55  foot. Wastewater expenses are increasing in areas tied to the attainment of water quality standards, with

56  the majority of the increase in utilities and phosphorous removal costs.


58  The impact of the combined water & wastewater rates increases a single-family residential unit (assuming

59  150 gallons per day) would be $8.58 per quarter or $34.32 for the entire fiscal year.


61  Andrea suggested including the information about the new billing format on a yearly basis so people have

62  an understanding of what the numbers mean. She also suggested that we ask the Energy Committee to

63  put out a one-page sheet on ways that people can reduce water usage.

65 Andrea made a motion to adopt the following rates for water and wastewater for FY18: 66

67  Water - $83.67 per unit per quarter (both metered and unmetered); $0.037 per cubic foot per quarter

68  usage fee (metered); $64.31 per quarter usage fee (unmetered).


70  Wastewater - $98.83 per unit per quarter (both metered and unmetered); $0.0355 per cubic foot per

71  quarter usage fee (metered); $64.07 per quarter usage fee (unmetered).

73 Merrily seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0. Tom Ayer was absent. 74

75  6. Consider Approving the Audit Engagement Letter (Fothergill, Segale and Valley)

76  Phil noted that due to the transition, we are going to wait until next year to send out an RFP for audit

77  services. Approval of the attached audit engagement letter will formally begin the process related to the

78  FY17 audit so that Fothergill, Segale and Valley can once again conduct the audit on behalf of the Town.


80  Andrea made a motion to approve the audit engagement letter with Fothergill, Segale and Valley for the

81  FY17 audit, and to authorize the Selectboard Chair to sign the letter.

83 Merrily seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0. Tom Ayer was absent. 84

85  7. Consider Awarding Bid for Lease Financing of Municipal Vehicles/Equipment

86  The Town solicited lease-financing (lease-to-own) proposals for just less than $466,000 in capital

87  equipment (vehicles and heavy machinery) per the most recently adopted capital plan. The Town

88  published notice of the proposal solicitation on the websites of the Town of Hinesburg and Vermont

89  League of Cities and Towns. The Town also made direct contact with four local/regional banks:

90  Northfield Savings Bank, The National Bank of Middlebury, Community Bank (formerly Merchant’s

91  Bank) and People’s United Bank. Of those four banks, two – National Bank of Middlebury and

92  Community Bank have branches in Hinesburg.


94  The National Bank of Middlebury provided a quote with the lowest interest rate, which in turn translates

95  into the lowest annual estimated average payments.


97  Andrea made a motion to authorize staff to secure lease-financing from the National Bank of Middlebury

98  for an amount not to exceed $466,000 for the following vehicles:


99  2017 Volvo L90H Wheel loader/Sweeper (Highway)

100  2017 Freightliner 108SD (Highway)

101  2017 Ford F350 w/plow/crane (Highway)

102  2017 Ford Interceptors (2) (Police)

103  2017 Ford F350 (Utilities)

105 Merrily seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0. Tom Ayer absent. 106

107  8. Town Administrator Report

108  Renae reported the upcoming agenda items for the 8/3 meeting

109  !

110  !

111  !

112  !

113  !

114  !


Baldwin Rd. Intersection Discussion/Potential Decision
Road Standards Review
Set Tax Rate
Consider Approving VT Alert System as our emergency notification system C.B. Road Culvert issue as requested by a resident

Lease financing closing documents


116  9. Selectboard Forum

117  Andrea requested that the Town Hall curtain/rod replacement discussion be added to the 8/3 meeting.


119  10. Minutes of 07/20/17

120  Aaron made a motion to approve the 07/20/17 minutes as presented. Merrily seconded the motion. The

121  motion passed 4-0. Tom Ayer was absent.


123  18. Warrants

124  Aaron made a motion to approve the warrants to include payroll. Andrea seconded the motion. The

125  motion passed 4-0. Tom Ayer was absent.


127  19. Adjourn

128  Aaron moved, and Merrily seconded, a motion to adjourn at 8:34 p.m. The motion passed 4-0. Tom Ayer

129  was absent.


131  Respectfully submitted,

132  Renae Marshall

133  Interim Town Administrator

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

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