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May 15, 2017 [HS]

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4  M A Y 15, 2017


6  Present: Phil Pouech, Chair; Aaron Kimball, Vice-Chair; Andrea Morgante; Merrily Lovell; Tom Ayer

7  (6:50PM); Trevor Lashua, Town Administrator; Renae Marshall; Fire Chief Al Barber; Highway

8  Foreman Mike Anthony; Sgt. Caleb Casco; Planning and Zoning Director Alex Weinhagen; and attached

9  list.

11 Phil called the meeting to order at 6:30PM. 12

13  2. Additions/Deletions/Changes to the Agenda

14  There were none.


16  3. Interview and Possible Appointment of Zoning Administrator

17  The Board interview Suzeanne Mantegna. Suzeanne was recommended by the hiring committee and

18  Planning Commission. Suzeanne would be working for Hinesburg for 20 hours per week and Richmond

19  20 hours per week. The Richmond Selectboard was scheduled to interview Suzeann the same evening.


21  Merrily moved, and Aaron seconded, a motion to appoint Suzeanne Mategna as Zoning Administrator for

22  a three-year term commencing June 1, 2017. The motion passed 4-0 (Tom Ayer absent).


24  4. Resident Request for Zoning Fees

25  Matt Denis of Bittersweet Hill requested a reduction in zoning fees. The Planning and Zoning Department

26  was recommending a reduction as well, from $2,735.54 to $495.10.


28  Andrea moved, and Merrily seconded, a motion to reduce the zoning fees for Matt Denis as recommended

29  by the Planning and Zoning Department in a memo dated April 21, 2017. The motion passed 4-0 (Tom

30  Ayer absent).


32  5. Public Comment

33  Paul Liszt asked to address the Selectboard about possible trespassing, illegal dumping, and animal

34  cruelty issues occurring on and adjacent property on Lagoon Road. Paul stated that he moved his cows on

35  to Town land without permission to forestall any animal cruelty charges, prompting the Town to consider

36  a trespassing charge. The Town also wants Paul to remove rubble, garbage, hay bales, and equipment

37  from the Town’s property, and restore fence line removed.


39  Andrea moved, and Aaron seconded, a motion to order Paul Liszt to remove his cows, materials, and

40  garbage from Town property no later than Sunday, May 21st. The motion passed 5-0.


42  6. Replacement of SCBA Units for the Fire Department

43  This was a continued discussion regarding the replacement of self-contained breathing apparatus units for

44  the Fire Department. Use of unassigned fund balance was discussed. The staff recommendation remains

45  lease-financing (lease-to-own) for a five-year period to ensure replacement of all units at one time. The

46  funds would be borrowed from Northfield Savings Bank.




48  Andrea moved, and Tom seconded a motion to authorize Town staff to seek financing, for a period not-to-

49  exceed five years for an amount not-to-exceed $75,000 for the purpose of replacing SCBA units for the

50  Fire Department.


52  7. Baldwin Road/Charlotte Road Intersection – Presentation of Engineer’s Report

53  Tyler Billingsley of East Engineering presented his work on reconfiguration of the intersection, including

54  application of VTrans standards to the extent practicable. The discussion included safety concerns, cost,

55  maintenance, and general function of the intersection.


57  8. F Y18 Paving Projects

58  Highway Foreman Mike Anthony presented the FY18 paving plan, incorporating a Class 2 paving grant

59  awarded by VTrans. The paving plan, assuming a 2” overlay on all roads listed, is:

60  

61  

62  

63  


Pave all of Hinesburg Hollow Road.
Pave 1/2 mile of CVU Road.
Pave 1/4 mile of Tyler Bridge Road (the entire paved section).
Pave 1,200’ of Mechanicsville (from Route 116 to Commerce Street).

65 Tom moved, and Aaron seconded, a motion to provisionally approve the paving plan as presented:

66  

67  

68  

69  

70  The motion passed 5-0.


Pave all of Hinesburg Hollow Road.
Pave 1/2 mile of CVU Road.
Pave 1/4 mile of Tyler Bridge Road (the entire paved section).
Pave 1,200’ of Mechanicsville (from Route 116 to Commerce Street).

72  9. Highway Department Loader Replacement

73  Highway Foreman Mike Anthony discussed replacement of the loader, and the use of savings from the

74  lower than anticipated bids to add the purchase of a broom attachment.


76  Aaron moved, and Merrily seconded, a motion to authorize the Highway Foreman and Town

77  Administrator’s office to proceed with replacement of the loader, per the adopted capital improvement

78  plan and budget. The motion passed 5-0.


80  10. Proposed changes to the Animal Control Ordinance.

81  Sgt. Casco introduced the proposed changes, which included, but were not limited to, issues related to

82  incidents (on and off the premises of the owner) and initiation of enforcement action. A discussion on

83  leash requirements and dog waste followed. The consensus was to revise the draft with a focus on the

84  on/off premises issue and initiation of enforcement actions.


86  11. Delinquent Tax Sale

87  Tom moved, and Merrily seconded, a motion to engage Kohn Rath Danon Lynch and Scharf to administer

88  a delinquent tax sale, and to appoint Andrea as the authorized agent to provide a bid on behalf of the

89  Town. The motion passed 5-0.


91  12. Town Plan Review and Discussion – Community Facilities.

92  Alex Weinhagen, Planning and Zoning Director, discussed the chapter with the Selectboard. The public

93  hearing will likely occur in July, based on progress to date with the review process.

95 13. Town Administrator – Review Job Description and Advertisement



96  The draft advertisement was reviewed. A reference to “manager” rather than “administrator” in the

97  second paragraph needed to be amended.

99 Merrily moved, and Andrea seconded, a motion to authorize placement of the modified job advertisement.


101  14. Discuss Formal Purchasing Policy

102  Trevor introduced the Board to VLCT’s model purchasing policy.


104  15. Town Administrator’s Report

105  Trevor discussed a variety of topics, such as a meeting with Vermont Gas officials, mediation, the

106  highway garage project’s need for an Act 250 permit amendment, and the summer schedule.


108  16. Selectboard Forum

109  Phil discussed Green Up Day, which was a success, and announced he would be looking to step down as

110  the day’s coordinator.


112  17. Minutes of 05/01/17

113  Tom moved, and Aaron seconded, approval of the minutes of May 1, 2017, with the addition of the

114  resolutions of reimbursement. The motion passed 5-0.


116  18. Warrants

117  Aaron moved, and Tom seconded, a motion to approve the warrants as presented. The motion passed 5-0.


119  19. Adjourn

120  Aaron moved, and Merrily seconded, a motion to adjourn at 10:20 p.m. The motion passed 5-0.


122  Respectfully submitted

123  Trevor M. Lashua

124  Town Administrator

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Monday, May 15, 2017

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