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May 24, 2017 [HPC]

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Town of Hinesburg

Planning Commission

May 24, 2017

Approved June 14, 2017
Members Present: Joe Iadanza, Jeff French, Dennis Place, Rolf Kielman, John Kiedaisch

Members Absent: Maggie Gordon, Barbara Forauer, James Donegan Public Present: none
Also Present: Alex Weinhagen (Director of Planning & Zoning)
Joe I. chaired the meeting, which was called to order at 7:30 pm. Agenda Changes: None.

Public Comments for Non‐Agenda Items: None.

Village Growth Area – Rezoning & Design Standards: Official Map Revisions (cont’d from May 10 meeting)
*** official map attached to the end of these minutes for reference ***

The Commission reviewed some of the desired community facilities and infrastructure that had been discussed previously, and then discussed other types of facilities that might be needed. The Commission reviewed a list of potential facilities and infrastructure from the work to create the first Official Map in 2007‐2009 – list titled “Village Growth Area Public Spaces & Facilities” dated 10/2/2007 (attached to the end of these minutes for reference). Although some of the items on the 2007 list need revision (some now complete, others no longer necessary), many of the items are still warranted. Other items noted by Commissioners included:

!  Richmond Road sidewalk

!  Future Town well locations (locations still uncertain)

!  Park space with developed/active recreation space – e.g., pickle ball, basketball, tennis,

playground, bocce, horseshoes, etc.

!  Park space with developed gathering spaces – e.g., covered picnic structure, barbeque grills,

picnic tables, etc.

!  Playground for pre‐school children

!  Skate park

!  Charging stations for electric vehicles

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Approved PC Meeting Minutes – 05/24/2017 Page 1

!  Improved internet infrastructure – truly high speed

!  Athletic field space for the Hinesburg Community School

!  Community stormwater treatment areas

!  Community solar array locations

!  Town Office expansion as staffing increases (either on existing Town Office site or elsewhere)

!  Town‐wide trail systems (e.g., Town, Fellowship of the Wheel, VAST, etc.)

!  Information kiosks – for posting information, announcements, etc.

The Commission also discussed the pros and cons of connecting roads through residential neighborhoods, and the importance of demonstrating a need for such connections, as well as balancing that need with design parameters to ensure safety.

Alex W. recommended getting some community input on the various ideas for future community facilities, and then doing some prioritization before getting back to updating the actual Official Map with locations and descriptions. He offered to get some feedback via an online community survey.

Regional Energy Plan – Initial Overview

The Commission reviewed an April 30, 2017 memo from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission on draft energy plan updates to the regional plan, and municipal‐level information on energy usage and future targets to meet the State’s goal of 90% renewable energy by 2050. Alex W. provided an overview, explaining that the CCRPC is looking for feedback on various questions related to constraints for the siting of renewable energy projects – something the Hinesburg Planning Commission provided initial feedback on in October 2016. It appeared that CCRPC staff had incorporated the constraints recommended previously by the Commission.

One question in the memo asked if Hinesburg has identified any sites that would be preferred locations for renewable energy installations. This would be in addition to the preferred locations already identified by the State: on existing structures (i.e., rooftops), parking lots, previously developed sites, brownfields, unused gravel pits, and unused quarries. A few Hinesburg specific sites mentioned by Commissioners included the old Town landfill site, the Town wastewater facility (i.e., adding to the existing solar array here), and on land behind CVU High School.

Joe I. acknowledged that this was just an introduction, and that there would be more substantive discussion of PC recommendations at the June 14 meeting, after getting input from the Hinesburg Energy Committee who Alex W. plans to meet with on June 6. With that said, Joe I. identified two items for further discussion and feedback:

1) Clarify how to define acceptable impact in areas where “possible constraints” are present. Objective is to avoid impacts on known constraints (i.e., primary resources) and “minimize impacts” on possible constraints (i.e., secondary resources like core wildlife habitat, agricultural


Approved PC Meeting Minutes – 05/24/2017 Page 2

soils, etc.). Need to clarify if minimization is of overall area of impact or if it is context sensitive. For example, a solar array or wind turbine access road through core wildlife habitat may have a small footprint and small overall area of impact, while still having a substantial impact if extended deep into a core habitat area.

2) Add language to address the selling of renewable energy credits outside of the region or the State. This is common practice, and could inflate the required coverage of renewable energy generation in the County if we are unable to get credit for facilities sited here.

Minutes of 05/10/17 Meeting: Rolf K. made a motion to approve the 05/10/17 minutes as amended. John K. seconded the motion. The Board voted 5‐0.

Other Business & Correspondence

Alex W. noted that the Selectboard’s schedule for review of the Town Plan has been extended a bit with review of Chapters 7 & 8 scheduled for June 8, review of all edits tentatively for June 22, and a possible first public hearing in late July.

Alex W. said that the new Zoning Administrator (Suzanne Mantegna) was appointed by the Selectboard, and will start work on June 1. He also said that the search for a new Town Administrator has begun.

The meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm. Respectfully submitted,

Alex Weinhagen, Director of Planning & Zoning

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Approved PC Meeting Minutes – 05/24/2017 Page 3

Village Growth Area Public Spaces & Facilities


Not all elements suggested below were deemed critical by the Planning Commission. Non- critical elements have been noted (see below). Items that were deemed critical but could not be mapped are also noted. Refer to Public Spaces & Facilities map for proposed locations

UW – Project under way
NM – Critical but not on map yet NC – Not critical

A. Connections

Park & Rides UW

Mass Transit Hub

Sidewalks & Bikepaths

Route 116

o Charlotte Rd to HCS – west side
o Lyman Meadows Rd to HCS – north side
o Mechanicsville Rd to Commerce Rd – east side
o Buck Hill Rd to Lyman Meadows Rd – north/east side o Commerce St to Shelburne Falls Rd – both sides

Mechanicsville Rd & CVU Rd – Post Office to Library UW

Mechanicsville Rd. (east side) – Thornbush Rd to Village Center Plaza

Recreation Paths & Trails

Lyman Meadows to Kelley’s Field NC

Buck Hill Rd to Route 116 through South Farm development NC

CVU & CVU Rd to Commerce St

VAST Trail

Future Roads

Mechanicsville Rd to Lavigne Hill Rd NC

“West Side Rd” – Charlotte Rd to Farmall Drive to Shelburne Falls Rd with

connector to Route 116 at Riggs Rd intersection

Riggs Rd to CVU Rd – 2 paths, east of hill and west of hill

“Center Rd” – Lantmans to Route 116 via Lyman Park Rd & Lyman Meadows Rd

Kelley’s Field Rd to “Center Rd”

Intersections & Crosswalks

Route 116 & Commerce St intersection (roundabout, light, etc.) UW

Route 116 & CVU Rd intersection (roundabout, turn lanes, etc.) UW

Route 116 & Silver Street intersection (roundabout, light, etc.) UW

Route 116 & Mechanicsville Rd intersection (one-way, light, etc.)

Route 116 & Riggs Rd intersection (4-way intersection, turn lanes, etc.)

“West Side Rd” & Shelburne Falls Rd intersection (new)

Mechanicsville Rd & Commerce Street intersection (4-way stop, light, etc.)


Page 1

Route 116 crosswalks – mid-block o eastendofHCSNM
o nearUnitedChurchNM
o near Fire Station NC

CVU Rd crosswalk- mid-block – Recreation path to Commerce St connector path/trail NC

B. Buildings

Bandshell/Amphitheater NC

Community Center

Fire and Police Station – co-location and expansion

New Library Location – more central

Skate Park NC

Indoor Pool NC

C. Greenspaces

Town Green

Recreation Fields and/or Complex/Outdoor Swimming Pool

Farmer’s Market Venue (larger)

Community Gardens (vegetable gardens) NC

Pocket Parks NM (small parks and gathering places)

Dog Park NC

Greenbelts – Riparian, along streams; also along a portion of Rte. 116 – vegetated areas

that improve stream health in riparian areas, and also provide space for trails for outdoor recreation.

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Page 2


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