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May 26, 2020 [VCC]

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  • Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Amendments to Agenda
  • Visitors
  • Approval of Minutes and Warrant
  • Citizen’s Comments (Issues not otherwise on agenda)
  • Business:
    • a. Appointing Cheryl Brinkman and Shannon Haggett as a Delegates and Tim Cook as an Alternative to the Addison Regional Planning Commission
    • b. Appointing Brent Rakowski as a Delegate and Shannon Haggett as an Alternative to the Transportation Advisory Committee
    • c. Discussion of Vergennes Day permit (tabled from last meeting)
    • d. Discussion about making masks mandatory in Vergennes
    • e. Amending city ordinance Chapter 6: Streets, Sidewalks, and Parks
    • f. Approving amendment to Vermont State Revolving Loan FF1-255-1.1
    • g. Discussion regarding investment policy
    • h. Discussion regarding opening the Municipal Pool
    • i. Create a reserve fund for a General Fund Capital Improvement Plan
    • j. Budget Workshop and Adoption
  • City Manager’s Report
    • a. Department of Public Works Report
    • b. Police Department Report
    • c. Fire Department Report
    • d. Wastewater Treatment Report
    • e. Treasurer Report
  • Mayor’s Report
  • Adjournment


Field Producers: Emilio Fornatora

Produced by VCAM.

Episode Number: 
Original Airdate: 
Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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