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May 6, 2020 [SDRB]

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  • Call To Order
  • Public Comment
  •  Topics not otherwise included in agenda
  • Review Of Meeting Minutes - April 22, 2020
  • Disclosures relating to any potential conflicts of interest
  • Design Review Applications
    • DR20-03 – Application by Morrish Family Trust (Barbara and Jack Morrish) for Design Review approval to remove an attached shed-style structure and replace it with a 22’ x 18’ addition, plus a 12’ x 9’ addition. The property at 954 Falls Road is located in the Shelburne Falls Mixed Use District, Village Design Review Overlay District, and Stormwater Overlay District.
    • DR20-04 – Application by Jerker and Rebecca Taudien for Design Review approval of a 2-lot residential subdivision and a single-family home on the newly created lot. Property at 193 Harbor Road (with the new lot fronting on Tracy Lane) is located in the Village Residential District, Village Design Review Overlay District, and Stormwater Overlay District.
  • Application SUB18-03R1: Application by Civil Engineering Associates, Inc. on behalf of Elizabeth Whalley for Preliminary Plan Review for a 9-lot residential PUD subdivision. The property, which is located at 1348 Irish Hill Road, is sited in the Rural District & Stormwater Overlay District.
  • Application CU16-01R2 & SP19-13R1: Application by Lake Champlain Transportation Co. for Conditional Use Review & Site Plan Review for the proposed addition of two retaining walls to be located on the east side of previously approved shed. The project is located at 4650 Harbor Road and is sited in the Rural District and Lakeshore, Floodplain & Watercourse Overlay Districts.
  • Application CU20-02– Application by Building Heritage (Eliot​ Lothrop) on behalf of 3689 Shelburne Road, LLC for Conditional Use Review of restoration of non-conforming historic barn located partially in Special Flood Hazard Area Overlay. Property at 3689 Shelburne Road lies in Mixed Use District, Floodplain & Water Course Overlay District, and the Stormwater Overlay District. 
  • Other Business and Adjournment
    • Gardenside Sketch Plan Extension Request
    • Review of Robert Bouchard’s letter & Discussion of Rice PUD Applications scheduling

Field Producers: Jeffrey Lloyd

Produced by VCAM.

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Original Airdate: 
Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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