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October 16, 2018 [HDRB]

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  • Samuel Evanson: Appeal of a zoning violation – excessive tree clearing well beyond the conditions of the original subdivision approval for a +3.51-acre property (Lot #5) on Evanson Road in the Rural Residential 1 Zoning District.
  • John Linn: Conditional Use Review for the expansion of a non-conforming structure at 563 East Shore Road in the Shoreline Zoning District. The applicant is proposing to tear down two existing structures, combine his two existing lots to create one + 0.38-acre, and construct one seasonal camp on this lot.
  • Nancy Ruben – request for extension of approval for development on a private right-of-way at 460 Burritt Road. Decision dated 1/19/16.
  • Decision Deliberations –   
    • Samuel Nelis: Sketch plan review for a 2-lot subdivision of a + 1.2-acre property located at 366 Mechanicsville Road (corner of Mulberry Lane). Hearing closed on 9/18/18. 
    • Jesse Paul & Sophia Morton: Sketch plan review for a 2-lot subdivision of a +11.0-acre property located at 343 Partridge Hill Road.  Hearing closed on 10/2/18. 
    • Samantha Lednicky & Curtis Martin: Review of an application for development on a private right-of-way (ROW) for a 25-acre+ property located at the south end of Fern Road. Hearing closed on 10/2/18. 
    • Martin’s Foods of South Burlington, Inc. (Hannaford): Subdivision and site plan review. Hearing closed on 9/4/18.

Field Producer: Ken French

Produced by VCAM.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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