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Paolo Pedercini: The Art and Complexity of Games

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Exploring the intersection of ideology and entertainment, Paolo’s work calls for the radicalization of popular culture through the re-appropriation of video games—as art, activist expression, and meaningful interaction. Agitprop or conscience? Co-optation or a perfect marriage?

One of perhaps a few artists with a five-year plan, Paolo’s work explores the future of local play, behavior within complex systems, the margins of industry, and challenges to conventional entrypoints of game play. Informed by movements from Marxism to the Zapatistas and tackling some of the wicked issues of our time—from gun violence to mineral sourcing to labor—Paolo’s work shares the maker movement’s commitments to appropriation, concepts of fairness and justness, creativity, and play. Learn more about—and download—some of his games at

Paolo was born in 1981 assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Paolo is an artist / game designer usually working under the project name Molleindustria.

[Adapted from the Burlington Generator website.]

Produced by VCAM.

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Monday, January 25, 2016