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Reuben Jackson Talks Jazz, Poetry & Race [SIV503]

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8/28/17: Reuben Jackson is passionate about many art forms. Last week marked his fifth year hosting Vermont Public Radio's "Friday Night Jazz."Reuben is a poet whose Facebook posts chronicling the lives of Amir and Khadijah have gained a large following and were recently written up in Seven Days. For 20 years, he was the curator of the Duke Ellington Collection at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., where he also grew up and spent most of his life. 

Eva got a backstage pass to hear Reuben recording his show at VPR in Colchester. And Saturday afternoon she followed him through downtown Burlington, flipping through records at Pure Pop and navigating the crowds at the farmers' market. They discussed Reuben's early love for jazz and poetry and his complex relationship with Vermont that began when he was as a student at Goddard. 

Please note: Reuben Jackson contributed to this video as an individual, and not necessarily as a representative of Vermont Public Radio.

Music: John Deley and the 41 Players "Dixie Outlandish"

Harlem Hot Chocolates, AKA The Duke Ellington Band "Sing You Sinners"

Dougie Wood "Strut Funk"

E's Jammy Jams "Soul and Mind"

Kevin MacLeod, "As I Figure"

Fess Williams & his Royal Flush Orchestra "Kentucky Blues"

Produced with facilities provided by Vermont Community Access Media (VCAM).

Episode Number: 
Original Airdate: 
Monday, September 11, 2017

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