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Shelburne Ethics Committee: January 9, 2019

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  • Hearing on Pierce v. Pauza Complaint # 201811211-001
  • Address any procedural issues as needed, including any motion for continuance of pending Complaints; determine whether to proceed.
  • Address admissibility of any supplemental documents submitted by the complainant or respondent pursuant to Rule 5)c)
  • Explain sequence of the Hearing per Ethics Rules of Procedure Rule B. 5) f) 2)
    • Administer Oath/Affirmation to the Complainant, Respondent and any other witnesses
    • Request each witness to provide his or her contact information to the Clerk
    • Ask Complainant and Respondent if they have questions about how the hearing will proceed
    • Ask Committee members to disclose any conflicts of interest, ex parte communications and/or public displays of a pre-judgment of the merits
    • Complainant Presentation of Testimony; Cross-examination by Respondent; Questions from Committee members
    • Respondent Presentation of Testimony; Cross-examination by Complainant; Questions from Committee members
    • Final Comments from the Complainant and from the Respondent
  • Continue the hearing to a time certain, if necessary, or close the hearing
  • If the Committee closes the hearing, enter into deliberative session *
  • Adjournment
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Wednesday, January 9, 2019