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United Way PSA 2016

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As a local member of the United Way network, we pay dues to United Way Worldwide for which we receive membership as a United Way organization and other benefits including training, support, ideas. We operate autonomously, make decisions locally and are governed by Board Members from our community. This allows us the flexibility to address the specific needs of the unique communities in our region while having the ability to draw on ideas and best practices from United Ways throughout the country, including United Way’s Standards of Excellence. These principles and practices are designed empower United Way of Northwest Vermont and 1,350 other United Way affiliates to share resources, best practices and measures for success.

While our primary focus is Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle Counties, we also work closely with many other Vermont United Ways to share information and create a statewide network of support. Together, we make up United Ways of Vermont, a collaboration that operates and manages the Vermont 2-1-1 information and referral service.

To truly make a change, we MUST work together. Now is the time to raise the bar and expect a better quality of life for our neighbors who struggle. If we all give the best way we can, we can make our community the best it can be. There’s a place for everyone at our table—join us and get involved in a way that’s meaningful for you.

—Executive Director Martha Maksym

Original Airdate: 
Monday, September 26, 2016