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Walk the Long Trail at Berlin Mall

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4/3/17: Almost 600 people have spent the last four months walking the Long the Berlin Mall. Participants have logged almost 12,000 miles in the heated indoor space, doing loops around shoppers and raising over $4,300 for the Green Mountain Club, the official stewards of the Long Trail. Sixteen walkers have completed the entire 272-mile journey which translates to about 544 laps in the mall's common area. Numerous photos from the Long Trail and a display of camping materials helped to inspire the hikers in their efforts. 

Join the walkers on April 22, 10am-noon, at the Berlin Mall for a community party and celebration. The event was so successful that it will be held annually.

Music:, "Mall Walking" & "Sunday Spirit", "Italian Afternoon"
Bert Hirsch, "Ro-ro-rolling Along"

This episode of Stuck in Vermont was made possible by Hotel Vermont and New England Federal Credit Union.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

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