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Do you have a video piece to submit to VCAM? Follow the instructions below to get it on our website, channel, and shared on the VMX (Vermont Media Exchange) if applicable.


If you have attended a VCAM orientation you simply need to submit the Program Information Form in addition to delivering the media to VCAM. This form is for new series or one-time programs.

If this isn't your first time submitting media to VCAM you have a user account on our website. Log in and you will be directed to your Producer Hub and there you can click "Add Show" if it is a one-time program. If it is a new series, click "Add Series" and once you save the series page you can go back the the Producer Hub and click "Add Show". If you already have a series and you are submitting a new episode, you may skip the Program Information form. Make sure to immediately make plans to deliver the media by contacting Eric Herz-O'Brien (

Program Information Form [ pdf ]


If you have not attended a VCAM orientation you are still very welcome to submit our media to us. You will need to fill out the Statement of Compliance in addition to the Program Information Form. 

If the media was produced by some one other than yourself, you will be called a "Sponsor". If the content is from another Vermont PEG station, talk to Joey Palumbo, VCAM Channel Coordinator, by calling (802) 651-9692 or emailing about getting the media from the VMX (Vermont Media Exchange). If it is produced out of state, talk to Joey about how to deliver that content.

Program Information Form [ pdf ]

Statement of Compliance [ pdf ]

After the forms are finished, you can email them as attachments to Joey or you can come to VCAM to drop them off.


To deliver the media itself you have a few options. You can email us a media sharing link (such as Dropbox) to download the master file or you can bring the master file to us on a hard drive. If the video only exists in standard definition, you can bring it on a DVD. Please email a link to both these addresses:,

By master file we mean the original export of your project such as Apple ProRes, not a web-ready format such as H.264. If you have questions about file formats, please talk to Matt Goudey, VCAM Digital Media Manager, by calling (802) 651-9692 or emailing


VCAM video submission guidelines


Preferred (visually lossless)

Video Codecs:                        Apple ProRes 422, DNxHD, DVCPROHD, MJPEG

(DNxHD can be contained in MXF format if you’re using Windows)

Aspect ratios:             1080p, 720p, 480p (720x480, or 854x480)

Frame rates:              29.97, 23.98 (NOT 30 or 24)

Audio format:                        PCM (uncompressed) @ 48Khz (16 or 24 bit)


Acceptable but not preferred (lossy)

Video codecs:             mpeg2, mpeg4, WMV

Frame rates:              29.97, 23.98 (NOT 30 or 24)

Video bit rate:            20Mb/s

Audio codecs:             PCM, mp2, mp4 (AAC)

Audio bit rate:           256Kb/s (stereo)



Unfortunately, the following attributes cause problems when transcoding for our channel. The problems may manifest as (but not limited to) your episode having audio sync issues, aspect ratio issues, or not airing on the channel until you can provide us with one of the preferred formats.

For video:       H.264, AVC, Xvid, Divx, HDV, VC-1, 3g

For audio:       AC-3

Frame rates:  25, 50

Bit rates (for compressed files only):         keep at 20Mb/s or under

**Please do not submit episodes in Uncompressed or Animation codec. These files are too large for us to accommodate, and are unnecessary for quality, as the preferred method of encoding is just as good. DVD submissions are okay, but they will limit the resolution to Standard Definition (SD – 720x480,) which will not look as good on our channel. If you start in HD, please submit in HD.**


Joey Palumbo, VCAM Channel Coordinator:


Phone: (802) 651-9692


For other VCAM forms, please visit our Important Forms page.