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Why VCAM Members Rock!

It's no secret that VCAM users are an exceptional group of people!

Coming from all walks of life, people come to VCAM to harness their creativity by making media and sharing their stories with communities near and far. Civic, nonprofit, and spiritual leaders; filmmakers; artists; educators; animators; musicians; community organizers; athletes; farmers; and many others come to VCAM every year to create digital media projects that capture the stories that are most meaningful to them.

In 2015 alone, VCAM users:

  • made over 775 new videos
  • made over 485 hours of programming
  • attended VCAM workshops over 275 times
  • reserved VCAM equipment for over 68,000 hours

Wow! Way to go! We want to thank the dedicated VCAM Users that work tirelessly on their projects here at the studio every week. VCAM would not be the organization it is today without all of you. Keep up the great work!